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Medi-Cal Consulting Services, Inc.

Statewide Assistance Available.
Our services cover the entire state of California.
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Learn how MCS can:

    • Guide you through the eligibility qualification process
    • Complete all necessary forms for you
    • Consult with Medi-Cal workers on your behalf
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You take care of your family while we take care of the paperwork. Once the application has been approved, MCS, Inc. provides ongoing case management support.

The goal of Medi-Cal Consulting Services, Inc. (MCS, Inc.) is to provide assistance to families seeking Medi-Cal benefits for loved ones. In order to meet our goal, MCS, Inc. has assembled a team of former Medi-Cal workers with 40 years of combined Medi-Cal eligibility experience. Our services are available statewide. Medi-Cal Consulting Services guarantees that with our services your loved one will be determined eligible to receive Medi-Cal benefits.

An initial assessment is completed to evaluate how assets and property will be viewed by Medi-Cal. This complimentary assessment will encompass all aspects of Medi-Cal eligibility including income. The evaluation will reveal potential obstacles preventing Medi-Cal eligibility. We will also be able to explain how our services can benefit you and your loved one.

Fees for our services are based on the complexity of the issues surrounding the case. Once MCS, Inc.’s services are retained, our specialists will prepare a personalized plan to get assets within Medi-Cal limits. They will guide you in obtaining all the needed documentation to provide to Medi-Cal. MCS, Inc. completes necessary paperwork and attends all appointments on behalf of your loved one. We handle all aspects of the initial eligibility process and provide continuing case support throughout the year. MCS, Inc. can help you avoid the stress involved with the Medi-Cal application process. Our services are also available for subsequent redeterminations required annually by Medi-Cal.  *MCS, Inc. does not sell any financial products.